Understanding Chiropractic Care Techniques

When I went to Chiropractic College, now University (as if that really changed anything), my Chiropractic philosophy class taught us that Chiropractic was like a three legged stool.  One leg was the science, the second, was the philosophy, and the third leg was the Art of Chiropractic.  Chiropractic science is just like M.D. science since we study from the same books.  
However, our philosophy is focused on the cause of the problem, not the treatment of the symptoms as do the M.D.’s.  Finally, there is an art to giving an adjustment, the basic tool of any chiropractor.  There are many people who go to art school, but not all graduates become artists.  Most become painters.  The same concept of art applies to M.D.'s, Dentists, Certified Massage Therapists, and others who perform a physical act, resulting in being very skilled at something.
While in this class, over 20 years ago, I thought of a correlation between Bruce Lee, and “how pass me down” generational language is no longer anything like the original.  Confusing?  Try Confucius.  Let me explain the correlation.
Bruce Lee was a master of his art.  As a master, he taught many students, but they could never become a master, like him, until two things occured;   1. He died.  2.  The student became exceptionally skilled at his profession as taught by the master.  Hold this thought.
Growing up in a tri-lingual family, I also realized that the language spoken by third generation Finns, French (your pick), did not speak the language as did their first generation speakers.
When my mother and father went to Paris on a trip with us, they spoke French Canadian.  No one understood them.  They spoke 5th generation French, now known as  Québécois French or simply Québécois.  The Cajun's, who came from France and settled in Lousiana speak Louisiana Regional French, and the French origined Arcadians, who settled in New Brunswick Canada speak a "dialect" of  Québécois.  It was always amusing for me to listen to my father speak Québécois, Arcadian French, English, and Finnish on the same day.  Ouch.   So I digress, however I am sure you get my point. 
B.J. Palmer was the original Chiropractor who created the whole concept of what Chiropractic was to be.  He was the best.  So what my goal was, in becoming a Chiropractor, was to not learn Chiropractic from 4th generation Chiropractors who changed the meaning of Chiropractic by incremental creep (slowly changing something, unnoticeably, until the end product does not resemble the original) , but to find the oldest living Masters of Chiropractic who were taught by the original master, or his next in line.  
I found the oldest living master in: The Diversified, The Upper Cervical, The Logan Basic, and Gonstead, and learned the Art of “Classical Chiropractic” from them.  I thank them, Dr.s' Kale, Cranwell, Fillmore, Baralle, and Hutti, but especially Dr. Oswaldo Cruz.
These techniques allow wide variations in the types of adjustments.  This is sort of like giving you a choice from breakfast blend to double shot expresso coffee.  This allows the patient who is adverse to one form of Chiropractic to chose another technique.  
Also, we offer a wide choice of therapy procedures that are too numerous to list.  What we do not offer is hooking you up to a stim machine, putting a hot pack on you and leaving the room to take care of someone else.  If you are looking for this, you will not find it here.  
Your care is personalized by the doctor and the choice of passive, active, rehabilitation, strength conditioning or do at home exercises are tailored to you needs.


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