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Spinal column detoxification programs, for all practical purposes, do not exist. 
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We either know someone who is, has done, is thinking about, doing some sort of detoxification program.  Society's focus is on detoxifying liver, lungs, kidney, intestines, gall bladder, gut, and on and on.  The question is | why are there no detoxification programs for the most important pathway for pathogens to transit the body, the spinal column?  We will explain this, and you should be concerned as to why you have not heard of this important pathway and how to detoxify it.
Why should we detoxify our spinal column?  First some anatomy..  It is all about a guy named Batson and he discovered the existence of the Batson's Plexus in the body. 
Detailed read below followed by Dr. Rick's Cliff Notes.
Batson, a Professor of Anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania, in 1940 detailed the anatomy and physiology of the cerebrospinal venous system and its role in the spread of metastases. [2]   Batson’s work remains primarily known for its accurate depiction of the vertebral venous system as the route of metastasis of cancer  and other pathogins from the prostate to the spine.  The vertebral venous system is often referred to as Batson venous plexus or Batson’s plexus.
The vertebral venous plexus is involved in: 
  1. Regulating intracranial pressure
  2. Transmitting the influence of the respiratory and cardiac pressures to the intracranial compartment and equalizing the pressures within the venous system. [8] ".
The continuity of the cerebral and vertebral venous systems was therefore essential to an understanding of both normal physiology, as well as to an understanding of the distribution of tumor metastases, as Batson had so elegantly demonstrated. 
It is now recognized that the cerebrospinal venous system represents not only a route for dissemination of metastases, but also a route for dissemination of infection throughout the cerebrospinal axis, in both directions.
 The full read.
Dr. Rick's Cliff notes:
Batson states that this system that he rediscovered, and made public in 1940, is the primary pathway for pathogens to spread throughout the body.  It is throught the spinal column.  It is very unknown and if you ask your doctor or chiropractor, I am sure they will look at you like you are crazy because they will probably not know about this critical pathway.  I know, but that is because I am a wonk who researches everything I get inspired about. 
"Google" Spinal detoxification programs and you will find that the only one that specifically addresses the spine is Spinal Cleanse.  When you click on the link, Spinal Cleanse, you will find MORE information about spinal column detoxification.
NONE of the citations referenced in Goodle are specific to the spine, and NONE of them are comprehensive as Spinal Cleanse is to the spine or spinal column. 
Spinal Cleanse​, is an essential oil blend created by the RHC (we are certified master aromatherapists).  We formulated, blended with intention, hand poured, labeled, packed, and will ship to you from Espavo Essentials, our sister essential oil company, located in the Reston Healing Center.​
​The RHC has provided some options below for those who have ventured on to this page seeking relief from a toxic spine or spinal column, or for those who wish to complete their total body detoxification program: 
1.  Health care providers (certified) can purchase Spinal Cleanse to treat their patients.  They can obtain a discount of 30% for all purchases over $100 on our web site by contacting us, faxing their license, and getting a special discount code to apply to all purchases.  Further, health care providers will be provided with suggested protocols, however, may basically employ their own techniques.  We will also provide one on one consultations on how to do our protocols.  Our suggested protocols, used since 2001, have been modified, tested and work. We will publish a Spinal Cleanse practitioner directory on our web site.
2.  Health care workers or family members of someone who has a toxic spine may obtain the Spinal Cleanse, and a short version of the protocols. Some supplies are needed, but they can be purchsed at Espavo Essentials and one item from any local grocery store.  When you buy your Spinal Cleanse, we will provide you with information on how to use the specific items you will need to obtain for the treatment protocols.
3.  If you are fortunate to live in the Reston Virginia area, you may come to the Reston Healing Center, where Espavo Essentials has their office.  Here you may purchase Spinal Cleanse and the hot pack, or even get a Spinal Cleanse treatment from our very capable staff of licensed therapists.  You may consult with the doctor, if available, receive instructions and have your questions answered.
4.  Visit our office to learn about not only the spinal column detox program, but our other programs that will detoxify the rest of you without all the worry about how to do it.
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